Welcome To The MPC Website!

The Midlands Pen Club is a small group of people from Midlands area (members in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, and Missouri), who love pens. We are collectors and/or users of pens of all kinds - old or new, and fountain, ballpoint, or rollerball (or pencils) - with vintage fountain pens being the most common interest.

About Us

Before the Covid pandemic,the Midlands Pen Club met once a month, usually on the first Sunday of the month at 5 pm. Watch this space for our return when we can meet safely. Our former location became a new apartment building, so stay tuned for a new place to meet. If you are not in our google group mailing list, please email us before coming, though, because we do sometimes change the date for various reasons. Email us at kim at penquest.com or join the fun and get first hand information at the Google Group Midlands Pen Club. Just ask to join the MPC group and we'll OK it!

More Info About Us

We are pen geeks ... with a variety of collecting focuses.

Meeting Announcements

Monthly Meetings
Date: Usually the first Sunday of the month
Time: 5:00 pm
Place: Suspended for Covid - check back later please.
Caution: Meeting dates often change with availability, so email us if you are not sure.

Mixed bag of yellow pens.