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Manufacturers currently below: Stipula (SOLD), Pelikan, and Cross




Modern Pelikans for Sale
Price varies as given below

Pelikan 170th Anniversary Majesty Gold Limited Edition Fountain Pen, $1750
Pelikan 170th anniversary, in vermeil, medium nib, perfect condition. Has been filled (and is a very nice writer). All papers and boxes, plus a cube of crystal glass pen holder, laser-engraved with the historical frieze and edition number. The pen can be used with the barrel removed also, for a semi-demonstrator look. If you are interested and need more info, please ask!

Barrel removed to see the demonstrator pen underneath - it can be used this way.

A bit shorter than the Pelikan 800 (Concerto there for comparison), but slightly wider and heftier.

Box is about 15 1/4" by 14 1/4". This shows the top of the box, and back of the box showing the crystal pen holder (weights over 3 lbs.)

Outer box (white) inside the cardboard box that was made for shipping.

More Modern Pelikans for Sale
The photo doesn't show the nibs and sections of these pens. I can offer some nib choice of the 18K Pelikan responsive nib. In all cases, the section is the same color as the rear tassie (turning knob) of the pen. The workmanship on all of these is exquisite. They have been inked, but not more than once and are very clean. Shipping to USA addresses is included.

1. SOLD Limited edition "Caelum" M1000 ,#425 of 500. Retail $2,700. My price: $1800
The pen is cosmos blue with wonderful details of our solar system and all nine planets named on the barrel. Yes, Pluto was a full planet in 2005 when these were produced. Box and papers.

2. SOLD Pelikan Yellow Kiren: Limited Edition.

3. Pelikan Concerto: Limited Edition. My price: $995. M800 size, some nib choice, box. Although 4000 were created, these are prized by collectors and now very hard to find.


FOR SALE: REDUCED $895 $750 / Cross 150th Anniversary Set: Fountain pen, Ballpoint pen, Pencil (Gold-filled)

The writing instruments in this gold-filled (quite art deco) set are in perfect condition. The only flaw is that the wooden box has a scratch on the top, which you can see in the first photo. The photos are in order as you remove layers of the set: first the top of the wood box (about 7.75" by 5/25"), then the polishing cloth, then the desktop holder (about 3/4" thick), then the writing instruments, followed by the lead and refills, and finally, the bottle of ink (almost full) and the cut glass inkwell. The 18k nib is a smooth medium, quite decorative, and the converter is included. Paypal preferred, shipping to US addresses included.


Combos, Various Manufacturers

  Conklin: Ensemble (combination pen and pencil) in a rare color, green pearl. Most of these have some discoloration; on this one, the barrel area is uniformly a bit darker than the cap and pencil. Beautiful material on a pen with a 14K Conklin Toledo firm fine nib. $375
Addendum: I just noticed "Bill Holke" is an incription slightly molded into the barrel. Neat looking and nearly invisible.
  Mabie Todd Swallow Combination pen and pencil in that amazing orange-red marble material that is so beautiful. The pen is perfect except for a shallow ding in the top of the pencil cone. Fine flexible Swan 14K nib. $395

Send email, noting which pen is of interest: Email Kim